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Maidstone Violin, Full Size, Oval Label

October 16, 2021

Professional violinist and teacher, Ursula Donnelley of Mapperley Park Nottingham plays this full size Maidstone violin

Written playability and sound – professional review by Ursula Donnelley

“This violin has a full bodied sound on the lower end and a sweeter sound on the top end, with an overall bold but cool tone. I didn’t immediately warm to it as I prefer a smooth, warmer sound but I realised its potential once I started to play fast semiquavers.

It was actually fantastic fun to play semiquavers on as the action is slightly higher and it can handle faster pieces of music. The semiquavers jump out of the violin with energy and vibrancy that some instruments simply can’t handle. It would be a great instrument for someone who enjoys playing fast Baroque music and certainly suitable for Grade 8!

The only drawback was that the fingerboard was not as easy to traverse as the other Maidstone I reviewed today. However, I think it makes up for it by being such an energetic instrument. If you wanted to play the Four Seasons solo parts on this instrument it would be a GREAT option.

If you are looking for an instrument to complete your advanced violin studies on, this would be a great choice. It is much nicer to play than many of the new branded instruments available on the market.”

Notes by Dr Mike Sutton

This violin was set up by a professional Luthier. It has a lovely high quality Despiau bridge fitted and tuned to the instrument. It has a Witner fine tuner tailpiece and I have fitted it with a new set of Thomastic, Infeld, Vienna Alphayou synthetic core strings. The previous owner attained Grade 8 on it and played it as lead violin in a youth orchestra. This nice instrument had not been played for over 30 years before coming into my possession as a birthday present.