A Fine Antique German Student Violin: Surprisingly High Quality Student Instrument

A full Size German Violin. Played by Ursula Donnelley

Review by Music teacher Ursula Donnelley of Nottingham

This violin has a bright, warm sound. The top end is slightly brighter without being overly harsh, and the lower end is warmer. I really liked the feel of it. The fingerboard is quite wide, meaning there is plenty of space. It was very easy to play in the higher positions and the sound quality remained clear, even on the lower strings.

Overall the sound is very balanced. I like a violin with a really resonant top end and a warm lower end and that is exactly what you get with this violin. You can play both expressive, melodic music and mechanical baroque music on it (like the piece I play in the video).

With that in mind, it would make an excellent violin for a student of classical music who wants an instrument that can handle the advanced grades. I played a Grade 7/8 piece of music (Vivaldi’s Winter, Mvt. III) which shows you that it can indeed handle more advanced pieces.

I really liked the sound and playability. I think it strikes a great balance across the board and would recommend this violin to anyone wanting a high quality violin on a budget. 

If you have larger hands, this would also be a great violin for you as the strings aren’t as close together as they are on some, making it easier to play without catching the other strings.



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