A very good 3/4 size Maidstone violin Ref: ๐ŸŽผ

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This violin has a beautiful, rich, full tone. This means that the player can get some serious volume from the instrument. It’s quality is such that it would be suitable for an intermediate player who wants to be able to tackle more challenging pieces (Grade 4-6). As they improve and progress to buy better quality instruments accordingly, It would make a great second or third purchased violin for a child of age 9-12.

It could really do justice to folk music, as it has a gritty, resonant, bright tone. Alternatively, due to it’s slightly higher action, it is good for more rhythmic music. 

The action (string height) is a little high for me. Also, due to its smaller (3/4) size,the strings are closer together than on a full size. Resultantly, I struggled not to catch the other strings with my fingers more than I have done on other 3/4 size violins. However, this violin is designed for a child to play so naturally, a child will not have this problem.

Where a high action can be useful is when playing very fast, rhythmic pieces. Therefore I have made two sound samples – one of some melodic folk music, and the other of something more rhythmic. If someone wanted to play very fast, furious baroque semi-quavers all day, the action would probably help them. I play a lot of melodic music when I perform and so I intrinsically prefer a low action, but if you are into faster pieces of music, this could be the violin for you!

Ursula Donnelley: Professional Violin Teacher and Performance Violinist

History, repair and refurbishment notes

This violin came into my workshop with a historically repaired crack on its face. The location of the crack suggests it was most likely caused by a student shutting the violin case hard when the bow was laying across the violin, rather than stored correctly. A careful check revealed the historic repair is very sound and strong. The violin was then very carefully cleaned and finally gently polished with Hindersine violin polish. A quality Baush bridge was fitted. The instrument was then fitted with a new sound post, carefully set in the optimal position.

This violin comes with it original tail piece, fitted with Witner fine tuners and its original Bakerlite chinrest. The violin is fitted with good quality Ascenti synthetic core stings.

As with most fractional size Maidstone student violins, this antique instrument has its share of characterful dings and scratches (although no where near as many as some in my collection), which I have endeavoured to conservatively blend hem in to the original varnish finish with high quality German spirit varnish.

The violin has a lovely dark brown (rather like a shiny conker) varnish.

This nice little instrument is ready to play.

Dr Mike Sutton (Violin collector, repairer, restorer and patron of the arts)


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