Romanian 1/2 Size Violin (Reference ♪)

Romanian 1/2 size violin

This violin may not look like much at first, but it is a cut above the standard factory made half size violins making it a great first instrument. The sound is sweeter than you’d expect for such a tiny instrument, and boy can it handle Romanian folk music! Hardly a surprise given it was made in Romania.

It’s tone is muted yet loud at the same time. This means that it isn’t over resonant (bright) making it easier for the student to get a nice sound when they are first starting, without being screechy. It has a soulful silkiness to it that is completely unique to this instrument. At the same time, it carries through so would suit a more confident player. It has character, it’s enjoyable to listen to and is very playable.

I personally love the sound of this instrument as I love Romanian folk music. However, it would be perfectly good as a very first or second purchased instrument for a classical student as well.

Ursula Donnelley  (Violin teacher and professional performance violinist)

When this circa 1970’s Romanian violin came into my workshop it had not been played in quite a while. All it needed was a careful clean, setting up with new strings and a light alloy tailpiece with integrated file tuners. A new sound post was made and carefully fitted. I chose a high arched Zest bridge for this violin, which was very carefully tuned to the instrument. Good quality Ascenti D’Addario synthetic core stings complement the set-up perfectly.

This Romanian violin certainly is a cut above the standard Chinese student instruments. Maybe a lot of that has something to do with the renowned qualities of spruce wood of Romanian violins, sourced from the Carpathian mountains.

This surprisingly nice student violin is ready to play, right out of the case.


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