A Little Red 3/4 Antique Saxony Violin

Professional violinist performer and violin teacher, Ursula Donnelly, plays and assesses this super little student violin in two videos below.

First video

Ursula Donnelley Plays this little red 3/4 size super student Saxony violin

Second video

This 3/4 size violin is perfect for a child of around age 9-12. I found the violin was a great all-rounder, balanced in terms of sound and playability between the high, mid and low range of notes. 

Dr Sutton has set it up optimally, meaning that it is both very easy to play and pleasant to the ear, which will ensure your child will want to actually play it. One of the biggest mistakes parents of musical children make is to buy a very cheap violin with a poor quality sound, which can put the child off of music for life. 

If your child is a good player, they will be able to get a good sound out of this instrument, which is really, really important! This means that they will be able to play the intermediate to advanced grades on this instrument without being limited by the quality of the instrument. 

The only very slight drawback of this violin is that the tone is a little thin, or reedy, in places. However, this is not unusual for a smaller violin and in comparison to what else is on the market within this price range, it sounds significantly better.

Ursula Donnelly (Bollywood Violin School)

This violin is available to buy. Details on my website Disology.com. HERE

History, repair and refurbishment notes

This violin is set up with a very carefully modified antique bridge, made from the very best quality aged maple that suits it it very well indeed. The bridge was carefully fitted and then tuned to the violin. A new sound post and good quality Pirastro Tonica strings complement the set up

This very pretty little student instrument was almost certainly made in Germany or possibly Bohema in the late 19th or early 20th Century. I think it is probably set up and playing better now than it has ever been throughout its life.

I spent some time trying to bring the best out of this nice little antique violin, and feel like I succeeded. It is now just waiting for a new home where it will be appreciated, played and hopefully loved by a proud owner.


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